Cheating Boyfriend Test : 15 Sure Fire Signs Of Cheating Boyfriend

Published: 25th July 2008
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Listen up girls, if your guy has you looking for signs of cheating boyfriend, then you need to know what to look for and how to catch him.

This cheating boyfriend test will point you in the right direction and show you how to catch him in the act.

Please answer these questions honestly. It's for your own good. Is your boyfriend cheating and having fun behind your back? Let's find out.

1. When your boyfriend is out late, you know, "hanging with the boys", does he bring you home flowers or some little gift for you?

2. Does your boyfriend seem to avoid your questions about where he goes, and about some of his friends?

3. Has he ever come home with cigarette smoke all over him and he doesn't even smoke? And he has a difficult time trying to answer why he does?

4. Did you notice that he has suddenly purchased new cologne or new clothes or underwear?

5. When you're both together, are there times he refuses to answer his cell phone?

6. Have you secretly looked at his cell phone and found numbers that you don't seem to know who they are?

7. Does your boyfriend act weird when he gets certain phone calls?

8. Do you find that he is suddenly into working out and getting back in shape?

9. Is he starting arguments over stupid stuff for no real reason?
Then he leaves to go cool off? Then comes back hours later?

10. Does your boyfriend seem to pull disappearing acts?

11. When you're talking and you want to know where he has been, does he say that you are starting to smother him?

12. Does it seem that your boyfriend is always working, but always says that he's broke?

13. Are the days of you having lunch together over because he says he has to stay at the office?

14. If a certain girl's name comes up in conversation does he want to change the subject quickly?

15. If your boyfriend was a bit of a pig, has he suddenly started to clean up and be a little more neat and clean?

So how did you do? You now know the signs that your boyfriend is cheating. If you answered "yes" to more than 8 questions, then you have a cheater on your hands. These quizzes to see if my boyfriend is cheating is to help you know your guy is up to no good.

It's obvious he's trying to hide something from you. Does the thought of your boyfriend lying to you, and cheating on you, and having fun with someone else behind your back cut you like a knife? Does the not-knowing drive you crazy?

This cheating boyfriend test hopefully opened your eyes to what's going on, and you should do something about it.

Now it's time for you to take action. He's playing you for a fool and you don't deserve it. These signs of cheating boyfriend will show you how you can catch him and nail him in the act.
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